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AirB&B's You Need to Visit if You Love Interior Design!

Checking out different AirB&B's can be a fun way to see new design styles in your area and around the world! In this post I will go through all my top picks for cool stays in Canada!

Chalets Micro-Element (Quebec)

If you're looking for a lux modern stay in the mountains, then this is the perfect stay for you! Located in Lac-Beauport Quebec, these Micro chalets merge the outdoor forest scape with the inside with large windows found all throughout the chalet. With Minimalistic design mixed with clean lines and beautiful blonde woods it makes the perfect space to layback and relax!

Peace Cabin (British Colombia)

If you are looking for a waterfront property with Mid-Century Modern elements then the Peace Cabin could be your dream stay! Located in the thick forest in Ucluelet, British Colombia you will get to immerse yourself with the surrounding nature. With a wood burning fireplace and large living areas you're sure be to extra cozy!

Second Breakfast Hideaway (British Colombia)

Are you a fan of fantasy? Curious what it would be like to sleep in a hobbit's shire? Then this AirB&B is definitely for you! Located in the Kootney's in beautiful British Colombia, this hideaway is based on Bilbo Baggin's home from Lord of the Rings! As an authentic greenhouse this stay is the perfect one to unplug. Interior Design is kept simple but rustic to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

Grandiose Cottage (Alberta)

If you are looking for a stay that mixes luxury and modern design style with gorgeous lake side views then this is the stay for you! With luxury finishes and beautiful outdoor spaces this cottage makes the perfect get away.

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