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Design Trends You Need to Know About

Design trends can be super fun, you get to discover new styling tips, colour palettes and popular decor pieces. The thing about trends is they are always changing. In this post we will go over all of the best current trends!

Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around for a long time but the current trend is mixing and matching bold colours and patterns with other textures. This does not mean going overboard and making the space too loud, it's all about adding in dimension with fun shapes and elevating these shapes with other textures, which can be added with flooring, decor or furniture. This could be a herringbone flooring mixed with a fun patterned wall paper or even a brick wallpaper mixed with natural wood flooring. the possibilities are endless and this trend can work with any design style! So play around and have fun with it.

Adding in Natural Elements

With design styles such as Organic Modern and Boho being insanely popular it's no surprise this is a current design trend. Neutral colour palettes, natural material furniture and decor pieces are exactly what you need to achieve this trend. Adding natural elements into your home will give you a warm and welcoming feeling to your space and keep things light and airy!

Sustainable Design

Due to the circumstances surrounding the environment in today's society sustainable design has risen in popularity exponentially in 2022. People are starting to care about where their decor and furniture is coming from and how it's made. Lucky as this becomes more popular and designers are becoming more mindful the number of sustainable brands are growing. Here are a few brands that offer sustainable options: Rove Concepts, West Elm, Esty Reclaimed and Sabai. Shopping second hand is also a way to shop sustainably. So check out our local shops!

70's Inspired Decor

The 70's are back! Not only is Mid-Century Modern a very popular design style but incorporating 70's inspired colour palettes such as terracotta and mustard yellows as well as trademarks like teak wood furniture and peg leg tables is becoming wide spread. This trend focuses on taking the fun bold trends from the 70's and giving them a modern spin.

Thank You

I hope you enjoyed this post and found these design trends interesting! As always thank you for reading and supporting me, if you liked this post share it to your socials! If you want to see more content from me click the buttons down below!



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