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How to achieve different design styles!

Knowing what goes into each design style can be tedious. This post will break down the most popular design styles and what goes into them! Colours, materials as well as decor/furniture types. This will be a multiple part series!


Bohemian interior design became popular in the late 60's early 70's but really gained traction in the late 2010's. It took the design industry by storm, you can walk into any home goods store and you will most likely find "boho" inspired decor. When we think about "boho" the first thing that comes to mind is free spirited. This is because most "boho" design is perfectly imperfect, finished but unfinished. Colours often seen used for this style are any neutrals, pastels and earthy tones. These can be both warm or cool tones which gives you a lot of leeway when picking your colour palette. Furniture and decor used are often vintage or repurposed. Although, the bohemian style mixes old and new together to give a unique feeling to the space. So don't be afraid to add modern pieces as well. The "boho" style also incorporates the more is more motto. Adding lots of decor, rugs, pillows, and furniture will help you achieve this style. As for materials stick to natural ones. Using woods, burlap, jute, and lots of plants will help further the "boho" vibes.

Mid-Century Modern

This design style came to popularity in the late 50's. This is because after World War Two many designers from all around the world immigrated to America bringing new and modern design ideas with them. Mid-Century modern emphasizes clean lines, functionality and a futuristic look. This style, unlike the previous incorporates minimalism. The furniture used in this design style is very simplistic with clean crisp lines. Materials very from natural such as woods, metal and marble to more modern ones like plastic, fibreglass and vinyl. Mid-Century modern also incorporates the fusion of indoor/outdoor, so add lots of plants into your space. The colour palette for this design style is typically bright accent colour set against neutral ones ( white, black and wood tones). To stick with the indoor/outdoor fusion use colours like green earthy tones, fall toned oranges and reds, teals and aquamarine and rust/clay red.


This design style gained popularity in the early 20th century in Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden and became popular in the US and Canada in the 50's. This design style reflects modern trends as well as more traditional design. This style is also minimalistic and focuses on functionality. It was important to incorporate both quality and affordability. The goal being to improve daily life within your own financial reach. This style emphasizes bright open spaces, keeping your space decluttered. The most common colour used in this style is white, this is because white evokes a calm and relaxing effect. Other colours used are greys, creams and wood tones with black accents. When choosing your furniture remember to invest in high quality, multifunctional pieces. In order to keep your space decluttered incorporating multipurpose furniture really is the key. Stick with light fixtures that have a modern look to them, stay simple and not too ornate. Just like Mid-Century modern this style likes to bring the outdoors inside. Using materials such as wool, linen, jute, and burlap will help achieve that. House plants, natural material decor pieces and upholstery help as well.

Thank you

I hope you found this post helpful! Like I said before this will be a multiple part series where I'll cover three design styles each time. Comment down below which styles you'd like to see next! As always thank you for supporting my blog. If you liked this post share it to your socials and hit the button down below to see more content from me!



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