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How to Achieve Different Design Styles! Part Four!

This is part four of my design styles series! In this post we will deep dive into: Modern Farmhouse, Shabby Chic and Art Deco. We will explore the features, colours and materials that go into each style and how to incorporate them into your space!

Modern Farmhouse

The farmhouse design style is centred around creating a warm space filled with character and personality. It takes inspiration from rustic country charm with hints of industrial and minimalistic elements. This design style values comfortable living while merging natural elements with a modern twist! To achieve this style keep in mind the phrase "old and new". This could be an antique decor piece on top of a new wood coffee table. Mixing and matching is truly the key to this style. Materials often used are natural with industrial metals mixed in. This style is very low-key but elegant, it still gives off the feeling of luxury. Don't add too many decor pieces, you want to keep the space clean and uncluttered. Base colours used are whites or creams to leave room for more colourful decor pieces. When creating a colour palette start with neutrals and branch out from there. Because this style focuses on bringing the outside in, think about using linens, wood, jute, or adding in plants around the space! When we think of farmhouse what comes to mind? Weathered materials? Old wood? Embrace pieces with imperfections, this helps to add character and the charm that goes along with this style!

Shabby Chic

This design style is the epitome of cozy "homey" vibes. Just like the name suggests this style mixes old antique pieces with chic almost regal elements. A good example of this style can be found in the show Downtown Abbey. You see vintage pieces which can be found in the furniture and decor (this is the shabby) and additional elements like lighting, crown moulding as well as the colour palette to add the chic! Although the modern version of this style is more toned down, the same principles still apply. When shopping for you decor/furniture items, check out antique shops or flea markets! Keep in mind to stick to your colour palette when shopping to ensure your space still flows. Popular colours for this style are whites and colours you would see outside, greens and blues or any floral colours. Another key to this style is picking pieces you would not normally see together but in this space they work.

Art Deco

This style is centred around bringing fun from the 1920's into a modern space. Art Deco brings luxury and glamour, a perfect example being the Great Gatsby! Think bold colours, exotic motifs and high end fabrics/finishes. A popular element used in this style is wall paper, brining in fun patterns and colours. You can be more adventurous with this style so don't be afraid to try something new! Speaking of patterns, geometric shapes are very important for this style and help push that "wow" factor. Mirrors and crystals are also very popular for this style, they exude opulence and glamour. When choosing your decor pieces try to find items that are unique or one of a kind, this style is very over the top but refined when done correctly. Also try experimenting with different shapes and materials, mixing and matching is a must!


Thank You

As always I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If you have suggestions for a future post leave a comment or reach out to me directly! If you want to see more content from me click the buttons down below!


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