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How to Achieve Different Design Styles! Part Four!

This is the final part of my design styles series! In this post we will deep dive into: Industrial, Maximalism and Traditional. We will explore the features, colours and materials that go into each style and how to incorporate them into your space!

Industrial Design

Contrary to popular belief Industrial design can still be modern! It mixes modern elements with the added charm of old materials. When you think of Industrial design you probably imagine an old warehouse with exposed beams and lots of brick. This can make good inspiration, but this design style can be much more! Focus on a neutral base to keep things simple and light, darker colours can come into play with furniture and decor pieces. If you want to plan out your space in a way that makes a statement while still being simple and comfort-oriented, open floor plans work best. This style favours recycled elements, so don't be afraid to check out your local antique shop or throw in some reclaimed items! When choosing materials stick to ones such as; woods, stone, and, metals. You want to be using decor pieces with straight sharp lines, this helps to give the space a utilitarian feel.


This design style is all about art and conveying that in your space. It's very bold and bright. Layering patterns together and mixing colours you may not normally see paired. This style is about having fun and not following typical design rules! One way to achieve this style is to match all your decor/furniture with one colour or to stick within one colour family, creating a monochromatic look. A common misconception about this design style is that to achieve it all you have to do is load your space with lots of items, this isn't the case. Most of the time Maximalists will search for the perfect pieces for their space, each item having significant meaning to them! Patterned wallpaper is very common in this style, and gives you the creative choice of picking the colour and pattern. To truly achieve this style your space must be planned out so that every item has its place and there is a reason why it's there!

Traditional Design

As given away in the name this design style is based on tradition, ones cultivated in the 18th and 19th century, specifically European design. This is shown through your colour palette, furniture, and decor. The colour palette most commonly used is darker warm tones, this means; reds, browns, and greens. Due to the inspiration for this design style, the furniture tends to feel very regal. Dark woods and ornate pieces fit the bill. With this style, you are encouraged to incorporate antiques! Silver and gold elements are also used to further push that regal feeling. All decor/furniture pieces should be high quality, using beautiful fabrics like; leather, velvet, and even silk. If you're looking for a homey, classic, and beautiful design, this style is for you!

Thank you

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