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How to Achieve Different Design Styles! Part Three

This is part three of my design styles series! In this post we will deep dive into: Contemporary, Modern Farm House and Coastal. We will explore the features, colours and materials that go into each style and how to incorporate them into your space!


The Contemporary design style takes inspiration from other styles such as, Minimalism and Modern design. The goal of Contemporary design is versatility and spontaneity. It emphasizes neutral colour palettes, stream line silhouettes and attention to detail! Just like in Minimalism, Contemporary design focuses on keeping your space decluttered. Each piece in your space has a purpose and decor is used minimally to draw your attention throughout the room. As mentioned before the use of neutrals as well as blacks and whites is common for wall colours. Black helps ground the space and whites and neutrals create a clean backdrop for more bold colour accessories. To achieve Contemporary style clear cut lines are very important. High ceilings, bare windows and geometric shapes found in your decor will help push this further. Don't be afraid to play around with colour blocking! Furniture in this design style should be bold but simple, this means clean lines with no extra decoration. Try using natural materials for your upholstery. Lighting is an important element here, track and recessed lighting will help bathe your walls with light and open up the space. To warm the space up you can use heavily textured fabrics in neutral colours. For this style less is always more!


This design style often gets confused with Contemporary design, but it is it's own design style! Modern design can be characterized by the use of, natural materials, a monochromatic colour palette and clean lines. Modern interiors are clear of clutter, using minimal decor and keeping your space open. Unlike Contemporary design Modern design doesn't use any bold colours. Colours such as, white, grey, black and beiges are popular. Modern furniture has clean lines with no extra ornamentation. To keep your space open you must plan your layout accordingly. Furniture like a sectional can help you to need less seating or a large kitchen island to differentiate between your kitchen and living room. Low furniture also helps push the Modern design style. Use materials such as, glass, chrome, concrete and steel.


Coastal design is meant to reflect the look and feel of a scenic beach or coastline through the the use of colours and textures. The goal is to create the peaceful feeling you have while at the beach and translate that into your space. To achieve this try using neutral colours with pops of navy or different blue hues. This mimics sand, sea and sky! Patterns are super important in this style, try using striped fabric. White wide wood flooring will also give you the "beachy" vibe. When it comes to furniture try using materials that mimic driftwood! Jute and light linen can also be used. If you're not near the coast try bringing those elements into your space. Decor pieces that centre around shells, the beach, and the sky will work perfectly. Don't overdue it on the decor because this can start to look tacky. Another important element is bringing the outdoors inside or creating seamless indoor/outdoor living!

Thank You

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