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How to Design a Space You and Your Partner Both Love

We all know the age old joke that building IKEA furniture with your partner is the test of how strong your relationship is and some people view designing with your partner the same way. Maybe you have opposing styles or they absolutely have to include a certain decor piece. This can be stressful and seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way. In this post I will go over ways you can work with your partner so everyone is happy with the outcome!

Evaluate Your Space

Sit down with your partner and have a conversation about the room you will be designing. What are the needs that need to be met in that room? How can you fulfill these needs? What is our budget? Take time each writing down answers and then discuss them together. This will help you understand what each person is looking to get out of the new space. With these ideas in mind you'll be able to craft a plan on how you're going to design the room as a team.

Mood Board

Individually create your own mood boards with the inspiration you have for the new space. Add colours, materials, furniture and general styles you enjoy, this will help communicate your point of view. Once you both have your mood boards, compare them to each others and discuss. What do they have in common? What elements from both work well together? After you've picked your favourite parts of both boards put them together into one big board and see how everything fits.

Furniture and Decor

When choosing furniture elements remember the needs of the space that you discussed previously. This will help you to stay on track and come to a decision together! Does this couch work in the living room we envisioned? For example: if you need extra storage in your living room, maybe you'll choose a sofa with a chaise that has storage underneath. When it comes to decor you can look back on the mood board you made together and decide if it fits the vision you created.


Communicating your needs is the best thing you can do! Sit down and have a discussion if things aren't flowing how you expected. Sometimes compromise may be needed and that's okay. Everyone has their own style but the important thing is working together to mold your ideas together. It's an awesome feeling walking into a space and thinking " we did this together".


Thank You

As always thank you for reading my post! I hope you found it helpful. If you have ideas for future posts leave a comment or reach out to me directly. If you want to see more content click the buttons down below!


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