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How to elevate your kitchen with these design tricks!

Kitchen designs can be difficult to tackle. Especially if you have restrictions like budget or what you're allowed to do. All of these tricks are easy on the budget and should work for renters depending on your specific restrictions! So follow along to discover my easy kitchen design tricks!


Making small changes in your kitchen can make a huge difference. My easiest and cheapest tip is to change all the hardware throughout your space! In a lot of newer homes, you'll always see upgraded hardware. This will give your kitchen a cleaner more updated finish. You can change the style and colour, meaning you can match your hardware to your style. I have done this in my kitchen and bathrooms and it made a huge difference! I recommend checking out Amazon as they have a wide range of options at the most cost-efficient price. Here are a few options I found!


Now I know what you're thinking, Maddy I can't just redo all my backsplash! The thing is you can, in an easy and non-permanent way! When I first moved out I didn't have the means to redo my kitchen in the way I wanted to so I was forced to come up with creative ideas to achieve my vision. After doing some research I found the most cost-efficient way was to use tile stickers! These are non-permanent, thick plastic stickers. They leave no residue and are super easy to apply. Just like hardware, there are tons of colours and styles! Again I found mine on amazon but I know more in-store retailers are starting to supply them. Here are a few options I found!


Adding a fun rug into your kitchen area can help push your design style and give your space character! I recommend using a runner-size rug, this will cover the right amount of space without overwhelming it. You can find affordable ones at locations such as Ikea, Homesense, Walmart, and Amazon. Here are a few options I found!


Sometimes adding decor pieces into your kitchen is the last thing people think of. Don't be afraid to infuse your style into your space with decor! This can be using a cute tray to hold utensils or a nice vase with flowers. Adding decor to your kitchen will give you a more thought-out finished look. Take time to plan out where you want to put your decor so you can still optimize your counter space.


My last tip is to change your lighting. Upgrading your lighting from builder grade will help to elevate your kitchen to a new level. This tip might be harder to achieve for renters but most of the time newer lighting is easy to switch in and out. Try matching your new lighting to your hardware or even the decor in your kitchen to help tie everything together. For cost-efficient options check out: Ikea, Structube, and Amazon. Here are a few options I found!


Doing any redesign or renovation can feel overwhelming but just remember, you don't have to get everything finished at once. Take your time and plan everything out. Shop around and find what's best for you and your home. Always remember to follow your gut and have fun with it!

Thank you

I hope you find my kitchen design tricks helpful and as always thank you for supporting my blog posts! Don't forget to share to your socials if you liked this post. If you have suggestions for a future blog post leave a comment down below or shoot me an email to reach me directly. You can find my contact information on the home page. Follow me on Instagram and TikTok to see even more fun content!


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