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How to Transition From Summer to Fall!

With Fall being right around the corner most of us will be changing the decor in our spaces. I love capturing the feeling of the season in my own home! Here are my favourite tips on how to do just that!

Change Your Lighting

Fall gives a distinct cozy feeling and if you want to recreate that in your space, adding warmer toned lighting will help give that effect! This could be changing your lamp shades to a warmer colour palette or switching out cool toned lightbulbs. This is a super easy change and makes a huge difference!

Switch Out Your Scents

We all have certain smells we associate with Fall. Maybe pumpkin spice? Or apple pie! Switch out your summer scents to help further the cozy vibe we are trying to create! Simple but effective.

Adding Seasonal Elements

This tip can mean a few things, adding in elements with a warmer/darker colour palette, decorating with items such as leaves or pumpkins, or adding in pieces that make you feel cozy. When I begin decorating for Fall I like to add in colours that reflects the season. Lots of oranges and yellows, sprinkled with greens, purples and black! If you're not a big halloween fan like me, sticking to oranges and yellows works just as effectively. I also will add lots of candles, cozy blankets and natural pieces such as wood. This makes me feel extra cozy! So add in what does that for you.

Create a Centrepiece

During each season I like to create a centrepiece on my dining room table that showcases all my favourite parts of the season. A place where friends and family can gather around and enjoy! View this as a focal point in your home, you want it to draw the eye in and make it the "wow" factor. This can be done in many ways, so play around with it and have fun!

Thank You

As always thank you for reading! I hope you found this post helpful. If you have ideas for future post, leave a comment or reach out directly. If you want to see more content from me click the buttons down below!



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